CitiPod Product Range

A Versatile All-In-One Computer System that adapts to all of your applications

For Your Personal Or Professional Use , Boost Your Productivity With CitiPod Tablet

10-point multitouch screen

Can be associated with wireless keyboard and mouse for an optimal freedom of interaction and a desk free of cables.

Wide Screen

32″ to 65″ sizes available to show case your work, learn comfortably online, play games, watch your favorites movies, and more

Built-In HD Camera

For your video-conferencing needs, whether it is at home or at work. Ideal for smart meeting rooms and connected multi-site workshop


Equipped with Ethernet LAN port, 4G module, Wifi and Bluetooth, provides you with all wired and wireless possibilities.

Indoor or Outdoor, Share Information Safely with Your Customers Using Our Touchless Solutions


NextGen Innovation

Contact-less, this motion controlled terminal allows a fluid interaction with gesture control. Absolutely a must-have when the screen is shared in public space.

High End Design

Convert your lobby or store into a welcoming modern space where your visitors and customers can explore your business, products, services and more.


CitiPod Touchless is designed to be integrated in a wide range of indoor and outdoor kiosks. In portrait or Landscape mode, built-in totems, etc.

Custom Applications

Easily install your e-commerce, e-administration and other custom applications into this terminal. Ideal for Airports, Train Stations, Malls, etc

Take control with your own phone


Safety First

From the comfort of your own phone, safely navigate the interface by using your phone touchscreen as a multitouch mouse and keyboard


Ideal when presenting during meetings in smart conference rooms


Are you more iOS or Android? May be more Windows? Well with our solution it does not matter, no installation is required. It works with all systems

Easy to use

A simple scan of a QR Code will transform your own phone into a touchpad to browse, open folder .. take full control of the system

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